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Welcome to Valence

Malefic / Jan 07, 2012
Valence is a brand new guild that was started from a few experienced retail players. We have recruited some of the better players on Redemption and are constantly looking for new talent. Before you apply to Valence take a few things into account, one, no member of Valence is a ninja, bug abuser, or hacker in anyway so if you are one of those you are not welcome in this guild. Another key thing to keep in mind is we play our classes extremely well and look for people who share the same knowledge in their class and in the game.

We are currently accepting applications for the classes listed on the Recruitment Tab, please provide your REDEMPTION ARMORY link in the form of a comment on your application so we can gather information on your play style and history.

Hope to see and hear from you all,

Sincerly, Valence


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